Monday, May 28, 2007

Genocide Awareness Project: May 23 & 24

For two days last week Western for Life (the pro-life club at Western Washington University), hosted the Genocide Awareness Project which exposes the injustice of abortion through graphic imagery of aborted babies posted on signs 4' X 8' in size.

Needless to say, the display was rather unpopular.

On Thursday a student managed to throw four or five eggs at the signs and get away. A couple hours later two students threw zip-lock bags filled with green paint, ruining several more signs.

But this sort of vandalism is only indicative of the truth that these students' consciences are alive and well. Seeing the images of a dismembered baby is resonating with their sense of terrible injustice. They express and direct their anger at the pictures; they are really only angry with abortion.

Over time (and with God's grace) many a heart will be converted by showing people what abortion does to innocent unborn children.

True to form, the school paper The Western Front, has provided some very biased video coverage of the event.

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