Sunday, September 23, 2007

Didn't want to smile

You probably saw this cartoon a couple of weeks ago when I originally posted it.

Well it appears someone didn't care for it. And that's fine...I appreciate all the comments I get on my blog -- positive or negative. But I also appreciate the fact that I can always respond with another post, which is what I'm doing now.

Here's what Anonymous said in the comments section:

The cartoon with the husband handing the gun to his wife is supposed to be funny? Only a misogynist would think so.

And here's my response:

Easy there tiger.

Don't like the cartoon? Then don't laugh.

That seems to be the prevailing method of argumentation we get from the Left, anyway...right? (c.f., the promotion of gay marriage and abortion)

Besides, if masculinity can be routinely strung-up, mocked and whipped by the Hollywood elites, then applauded by feebleminded Americans willing to pay for and religiously watch their appalling sitcoms, then I can certainly post a funny cartoon that neither my friend Angie (link above) nor my wife find offensive in the least.

Now go read a good Ann Coulter book...and start enjoying truly amusing cartoons instead of politicizing them.

Think of all the male characters in the sitcoms on TV today. Are these men intelligent, thoughtful, honest and inspiring? Or are they portrayed as clumsy, immature, arrogant and lazy?

And we wonder why the American family is in collapse. We wonder why your chances of divorce have never been better. We wonder why 40% of kids are born out of wedlock. We wonder why 4,000 women sought abortion today. And why 4,000 more will seek it tomorrow.

And now you know why we don't have television.

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