Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Modern Day Beatitudes

"Blessed are the pop stars, 'cause they are like, man, so cool."

You may have taken notice that this particular beatitude is conspicuously missing from the text of Saint Matthew's gospel. It was not without reason Our Blessed Lord left it out. For gaining worldwide stardom results -- almost without exception -- in misery, not happiness.

Just ask Britney Spears.

Her stunning beauty and her voice catapult her into the world of entertainment:

A few short years (and tens of millions of dollars) later:


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Anonymous said...

It's hardly fair that you compare the photographs from professional shoots with paparazzi photos.

Plus, I am more than sure that the first image is from when she did the song "everytime" which was much, much later in her career.

Perhaps I'm crazy but I thought Christianity was not about judging someone according to what they look like on the outside.
In fact, I'm pretty sure that only being that can judge someone is God.