Thursday, January 29, 2009


Cardinal Mahony is making headlines again. Whenever he does, you can be sure it is another sad day for faithful Catholics worldwide.

The head of the largest archdiocese in the U.S. for the last 18 years, Mahony is being investigated by the feds for his handling of child abuse cases. Understandably, the Cardinal is "mystified and puzzled by the whole thing."

In July 2007 Cardinal Mahony managed to drain the coffers of $660,000,000 in settlement monies to avoid further testimony and proceedings in court. (Something perhaps worth remembering the next time collection plates are passed around and LA Catholics are asked to "give until it hurts" in the annual diocesan appeal.)

Anyhow, it appears Mahony will have a tougher time bribing a grand jury.

In light of the scandal this investigation will be for Catholics and non-Catholics everywhere, has there been any mention to the Holy Father of the Canon 401.2 provision?

I'm just asking...


Anonymous said...

I suspect that there has been no Vatican discipline of Cardinals or Archbishops because the breath of such an avenue is too large and would decimate the episcopacy and Pope John XXIII seems to have been a large part of the problem in his requiring secrecy about these things of all bishops under pain of papal secret and excommunication in a letter that you can now find on line now since it is part of a lawsuit that is trying to make its way to the Pope himself. The old way of thinking: that secrecy can work defunct with modern means of the media and the courts who can command documents and did in John XXIII's case.

Rafael said...

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