Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Catholics" For a Free Choice (to kill babies)

You may have heard of the organization, "Catholics For a Free Choice."

Their name almost says it all.

The title of this post does.

Though undeserving, I thought I might comment on their work. After all we are in the midst of a Culture War (and losing), and we better know who our enemies are. Catholics For a Free Choice (to kill babies; by the way, why do they always forget that part?) would be one such enemy.

Browsing their website, I came upon the following statement meant to inspire monetary donations to their cause:

Catholic or not, the Catholic church’s role in influencing public policy affects YOU through limiting the availability of reproductive health services.

Help us fight back.
Make a contribution today.

This was sufficient confirmation that members of CFFC are not really Catholic at all.

"Help us fight back."

Fight back? Against what?

Against the Catholic Church.

It is impossible to be a Catholic and fight against the Catholic Church. The Church is not a democracy. It is not a social institution. It is not a political lobbying group.

What it is, is the Body of Christ. So to "fight against" the Church is to fight against Christ.

The page describing the work done by CFFC was also very revealing. Allow me to post their statements, followed by a translation which helps to clear away the euphemistic smoke-screen.

Where We Are

We are in parishes.
From California to Vermont, prochoice Catholics speak up for reproductive rights. CFFC's grassroots network, with leaders in 40 US states, promotes a prochoice Catholic perspective, brings together and supports Catholic activists for reproductive health and rights and initiates dialogue on abortion with people of varied perspectives.

Translation: We are in parishes.
From California to Vermont, pro-abortionists-who-like-to-think-of-themselves-as-Catholics speak against the constitutional right to life in favor of a mother's 1973 license to kill her unborn baby. CFFC(to kill babies)'s grassroots network, with leaders in 40 US states, promotes a pro-abortion anti-Catholic perspective, brings together and supports anti-Catholic activists for baby killing and works to convince others that abortion isn't such a bad thing.

We are in clinics.
Family planning decision can be difficult. CFFC helps Catholic women to make thoughtful decisions through respected publications that address Catholic doctrine and the moral and ethical issues involved in reproductive health decisions.

Translation: We are in clinics.
Killing your baby can be difficult. CFFC(to kill babies) helps Catholic women to suppress their conscience and maternal instinct through publications that denounce Catholic doctrine and the moral and ethical problems involved with killing your baby.

By the way, Bishop Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska publicly excommunicated members of CCFC in 1996.

But as Diogenes points out, that immediately raises some serious questions. If membership in CFFC "puts one outside the Church Universal in Nebraska, one is moved to wonder what climatological factors make it OK in ... say ... Michigan.

Or Wisconsin.

Or Florida ..."

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BabyGhost said...

I'm not sure why but it seems like you had a very light hearted tone during your translation and I'm horrified that I reacted with a little giggle...