Friday, February 9, 2007

Styrofoam Peanuts

I'm not sure how Diogenes manages to come up with such exceptional analogies time and again. But in describing the state of the American Church he has the benefit of matchless insight, and his prognoses are consistently dead-on. Today's commentary was triggered by the squishy response of San Francisco's Archbishop Niederauer to the question of denying Holy Communion to pro-abort politicians like Speaker of the House, Nancy Kill-osi (D, CA):

"So the faithful of San Francisco are saddled with another five years of leadership by dialogue -- the dialogue, i.e., their bishop always hopes will take place in the near future. The solution? There is none -- no fix from above, at any rate. Those committed Catholics stuck with bishops that are morally weightless, a variety of styrofoam peanuts, should move forward the pro-family and pro-life initiatives like an 18-wheeler, which will pull along some of the flakes of styrofoam in the vacuum created by its forward rush. By their own insistence they're not policemen, they're not gatekeepers, they're not watchdogs, they're not comfortable saying no, but they are successors of the apostles, after all, and make decorative appearances at weddings and funerals.

P.S. As church, we are opposed to spouse-abuse. "

To appreciate the full effect, you really need to read all of Diogenes' post here.

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