Wednesday, February 7, 2007

"Tookie" Williams

Came upon a great link to Zombietime's entertaining coverage of a rally that took place outside of Tookie's prison on his day of execution, Dec. 12, 2005.

If you are unfamiliar with the legacy of Tookie, you can catch up quickly at Wikipedia, or, even quicker still, you can simply click here (Warning: Graphic photo).

Yet another expose of the far left-wing media bias.

Where are the news cameras when pro-lifers gather to routinely protest the execution of the innocent at abortion clinics all across the nation?

TV camera crews were a dime a dozen
at Tookie's Vigil.


Andrew St.Hilaire said...

wow. My heart was racing for the old man being violently shoved by the anti-death penalty folks, again demonstrating their peaceful and tolerant manner.

Hear about this?

Seminarian said...

Sarcastic Dude was definately my favorite link there.

Hey Tom, do you think you could refrain from using my full name? Don't want anyone to google it... Just remember our friend with the initials TS.

Thanks.. later.

Tom Herring said...

Sorry about that Bryan. Will keep you anonymous from now on.

Seminarian said...

Thanks a lot dude... Appreciated.