Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grand Opening Coming Soon!

This just in from LifeSite:
A huge new abortion clinic, said to be the largest Planned Parenthood Center in the United States, has been constructed near Chicago.
Ah, yes. Just what the Windy City needs. Another death camp where unwanted, unborn babies can be killed at the request of their mothers -- or under demanding pressure from fathers and other 'concerned' relatives.
If the 22,000 square-foot, $7.5 million facility opens, it will offer contraceptives, pregnancy tests, sexually transmitted disease testing and abortions. Officials expect to receive 8,000 patients and 10,500 visits within the first year. Of those visits, reports the Chicago Daily Herald, about 2,400 will be for abortions.
Yes, there is serious money to be made in the lucrative abortion industry. People will pay top dollar to have you kill their baby. Saving babies? Well, that's a different story.

City residents had no idea what was being constructed in the East side of Aurora, near Chicago. As Schiedler remarked in a recent report, "Planned Parenthood snuck into town." He added, "They were nearly finished building this place before we learned about it. We haven't got much time to stop them, but we're doing all we can...Planned Parenthood constructed the facility under another name, listing it as the "Gemini Medical Office Building."

"Planned Parenthood knew what they were doing," Schielder said in a press release. "Pro-lifers have stymied them before when they knew Planned Parenthood was coming to town. This time they kept things quiet until it was too late to halt construction."

Schiedler told, "They lied to the city of Aurora…They let the city council believe it was going to be a quiet, medical office." According to the Beacon News, however, Steve Trombley, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, said that the building would be the largest Planned Parenthood health center."


Planned Parenthood lied?!

That's impossible.

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