Friday, August 10, 2007

Southwick receives positive recommendation from SJC!

The faithful of Ab Opposito will recall several posts dedicated to Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals appointee, Judge Leslie Southwick, who has been stalled by Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee for months on end.

Many nominee-watchers over at Confirm Them thought Southwick would never make it past the SJC. Amazingly, last week, he was recommended by a 10-9 vote, with liberal Democrat Dianne Feinstein being the lone dissenter from the rest of her party.

By no means is the struggle over -- Southwick still has to be given an up or down vote on the floor of the Senate.

Had I the time, I would expound upon my feelings about this recent development. (This was my original intent -- but a week after the 10-9 vote, and still no essay making its way to my blog, I figured I ought to say something.)

The main themes being:

1) Thank you, Senator Feinstein.
2) Shame on the rest of you nine ideologically prejudice, rotten SJC Democrats. Rotten to the core. I don't recall Clinton facing the same opposition to his 370-something nominees.
3) Senate Republicans: Grow some backbone. Make the Dems show their hand.
4) Bush: Keep up the good fight. And how about nominating a few more good conservatives to fill some of those remaining appellate vacancies while you're at it, would you? Time is running out, Mr. President.

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