Saturday, June 9, 2007


Jennifer Roback Morse has a good piece over at the National Review Online. (It's a few months old, but what the heck...)

In her article, she discusses the pervasive ideology surrounding contraception, and dubs it: Condomism.

It is the belief that, "all problems surrounding sexual activity could be solved with enough contraception...[Adherents] believe that we could end world hunger and save the environment, if only we had enough condoms."

Here are a few of the tenets of Condomism:
1. Every person capable of giving meaningful consent is entitled to unlimited sexual activity.

2. All negative consequences of sexual activity can be controlled through the use of contraception. Sexual Transmitted Diseases can be controlled through the use of condoms. The probability of pregnancy can be eliminated through contraception, properly used.

3. No one is required to give birth to a baby, in the event of pregnancy. Abortion, for any reason or no reason, at any time during pregnancy, is an absolute entitlement.

4. Any negative consequences of sexual activity that can not be handled by contraception or abortion are not worth talking about.

Morse has her finger on our culture's moral pulse. And the pulse is fading quickly.

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