Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Middle School field trip to Planned Parenthood

I'm not making this up.

As a taxpayer, I want to know how much more of this we are going to take? Give us a school voucher system already.

As Mark Shea notes, this is only "Reason to Homeschool #39847539485340958374953857953495359739358"


Michael and Kristine said...

i can't believe we are so blind and have amounted to this. i don't mean to sounds judgemental, however, have people lost all sense of reason? even if someone wasn't a Christian or even Pro-Life, they should be able to see the absurdity in this agenda-driven outing. i just don't get it!!!!

Tom Herring said...

The best thing that could ever happen to public education (besides maybe scrapping the whole deal altogether, as Ronald Reagan proposed) would be a voucher system. I do not know why Americans have put up with this nonsense for so long.

We're the ones footing the bill for our kids' education -- we should at least be given the option to use that money on the school of our choice.