Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

So the confirmation hearings for Judge Leslie Southwick (nominated to fill the almost 7-year-vacancy of a seat on the Fifth Circuit), are postponed once again. (I briefly discussed the Southwick nomination in my June 7th post, What a shame)

July is now the month to look forward to (that is, until July arrives, of course).

Suffice it to say, my sentiments align closely with Quin's from ConfirmThem.com:
Seeing the news about another delay for Southwick, combined with a seemingly permanent delay on Keisler, makes me want to shout so many expletives that my access to this site would be permanently deleted. As usual, there is NO evidence that the White House (not that it has much power left) is really fighting for its nominees, and Specter seems to be rolling over, and nothing gets done, and yet another good man gets smeared.

For an excellent article about how the process typically works for Republican nominees, be sure to read this piece on the first* judge nominated to fill the vacancy on the Fifth Circuit Court. A word of caution: you might want to take breathers, as you work your way through the article, to keep your blood pressure under control.

*Southwick is Bush's third choice.

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