Friday, June 1, 2007

Rhode Island Catholic

In 2005, the Diocese of Providence, RI was blessed to receive a new pastor: Bishop Thomas J. Tobin. Consistent with the growing trend of new bishops and priests, Tobin (59) is concerned more with the salvation of souls than with promoting scandal or wasting millions (from the collection basket) on modern monstrosities.

For instance, yesterday Tobin announced a complete revamping of the diocesan paper. To get an idea of what sort of changes His Excellency is making, contrast the new name of the paper with its old name. Starting today, The Providence Visitor will be the Rhode Island Catholic. Commenting on why the need for a new name, Tobin quipped that "Visitor" sounded more like a tourist guide than a Catholic publication.

And let there be no doubt -- this paper is no tourist guide.

An editorial in today's paper states, “We will not print opinions that are in contradiction of church teaching — any more than a newspaper for, say, Greenpeace would print a letter in support of the slaughter of whales.”

With a circulation of about 30,000, Catholics throughout the diocese also get to read the bishop's column titled "Without a Doubt," which this week slams Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani for his support of abortion rights.

You can read the column in full here.

Allow me to post a few excerpts:

"I have no idea why I received an invitation to Giuliani’s fundraiser. I don’t know the mayor; I’ve never met him. I try to avoid partisan politics. Heck, I’m not even a Republican. But most of all, I would never support a candidate who supports legalized abortion.

"Rudy’s public proclamations on abortion are pathetic and confusing. Even worse, they’re hypocritical.


"Rudy’s explanation is a classic expression of the position on abortion we’ve heard from weak-kneed politicians so frequently in recent years:

"“I’m personally opposed to but don’t want to impose my views on other people.” The incongruity of that position has been exposed many times now. As I’ve asked previously, would we let any politician get away with the same pathetic cop-out on other issues: “I’m personally opposed to . . . racial discrimination, sexual abuse, prostitution, drug abuse, polygamy, incest . . . but don’t want to impose my beliefs on others?”

"Why is it that when I hear someone explaining this position, I think of the sad figure of Pontius Pilate in the Gospels, who personally found no guilt in Jesus, but for fear of the crowd, washed his hands of the whole affair and handed Jesus over to be crucified. I can just hear Pilate saying, “You know, I’m personally opposed to crucifixion but I don’t want to impose my belief on others.”


"Rudy’s defection from the Catholic Faith on this moral issue is not unique, of course. Catholic politicians of both parties, nationwide, have followed a similar path in abandoning the Faith for the sake of political expediency: Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Pat Leahy, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden come quickly to mind. And on a local level, of course, Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Senator Jack Reed. How these intelligent men and women will someday stand before the judgment seat of God and explain why they legitimized the death of countless innocent children in the sin of abortion is beyond me. (But God, really, I was personally opposed to it, but just couldn’t do anything about it.”)

"Oh well, as you can see by now, I won’t be attending the fundraiser for Rudy Giuliani. If Rudy wants to see me, he’ll have to arrange an appointment at my office. We’ll talk about his position on abortion. And if he wants a photo, it will cost him $1,500 as a donation for the pro-life work of the Church."

Now if only we could get Archbishop Brunette to do the same with our very own Catholic Regress.

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